Expert Committee on Research

Latest update: 21 December 2011

The Expert Committee on Research is established to provide advice to the Agency's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) on issues relating to preventive health research, including the development of a National Preventive Health Research Strategy, expenditure of the National Preventive Health Research Fund and promotion of the development of preventive health research infrastructure in Australia. The Committee will also assist the Agency in its leadership role in knowledge sharing and research collaboration development.

Committee Terms of Reference

The Preventive Health Research Committee will provide advice to the Agency on:
  • the development and strategic oversight of the National Preventive Health Research Strategy;
  • the development and implementation of the preventive health research fund expenditure programs including guiding work on translation of research outcomes into policy;
  • the prioritisation of policy questions upon which research and evaluations could be targeted;
  • monitoring and surveillance relevant to preventive health research;
  • identifying funding priorities and mechanisms;
  • avenues for facilitating knowledge sharing and collaborations and partnerships that would strengthen research on prioritised policy questions; and
  • any other advice on preventive health research and evaluation requested by the CEO.

Composition of the Committee

The Committee has nine members comprising a Chair, and eight other members, including the Agency's CEO.

The members bring with them a wide range of research experience in preventive health and health promotion, particularly with respect to alcohol and tobacco abuse and obesity, and including in indigenous issues. The members appointed to the committee are listed in the table below.

MemberContributing Expertise
Professor John McCallum - Chair
National Health and Medical Research Council
Preventive health research
Professor Helen Berry
Centre for Research and Action in Public Health
Social determinants of health and translation of research findings into public health policy and programs
Dr Shelley Brown
Department of Health Victoria
Prevention and population health
Professor Peter D'Abbs
Menzies School of Health Research
Harmful consumption of alcohol and Indigenous health
Professor Penny Hawe
University of Calgary
Population health interventions
Professor Kerin O’Dea
University of South Australia
Obesity, nutrition and Indigenous health
Professor Melanie Wakefield
Cancer Council Victoria
Tobacco control and cross-reference with NHMRC Prevention and Community Health Committee
Ms Louise Sylvan
Ex officio

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