National Seminar on Food Advertising and Marketing to Children

Latest update: 24 May 2012

A national seminar on food advertising and marketing to children co-hosted by ANPHA and the South Australian Department of Health was held in Adelaide on Wednesday 9 May 2012. A range of participants attended the conference including representatives from Commonwealth and State and Territory governments, the food and beverage industry, the advertising industry, public health advocates and academics. The seminar saw some interesting presentations including one from Dr Corinna Hawkes, an expert in international food policy and marketing unhealthy food to children, who presented on the various regulations and policies that have been implemented internationally.

Following the seminar a group of representatives discussed what actions could be undertaken to reduce children's exposure to marketing of unhealthy food and beverages. It was agreed that a working group be formed to progress work with an aim to measure and reduce children's exposure.

A communique has been released that outlines the presentations, discussions and outcomes of the seminar (PDF 64 KB).