Expert Committee on Alcohol (ECA)

Latest update: 18 October 2011

The role of the ECA is to assist and advise on the Agency’s policy and program directions where requested, to support the Agency’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in providing advice to health ministers where necessary, and any other advice requested by the CEO on healthy lifestyle-related issues. The Committee’s advice and recommendations may include more than one option for consideration where the ECO is unable to agree on a single outcome or model for best practice.

Committee Terms of Reference

Specifically the Expert Committee on Alcohol will:

  • Provide advice to the CEO on the development of robust, evidence-based, defensible public policy on alcohol misuse and associated harms;
  • Provide advice on the development, implementation and evaluation of broad social marketing, education and community awareness programs relating to alcohol misuse and associated harms; and
  • Any other function relating to preventive health that the CEO may request advice on relating to alcohol misuse and associated harms

The ECA may also at its discretion, bring to the Agency’s attention any matters which it deems to be necessary, relevant or current.

Composition of the Committee

The committee will comprise 8-9 members, appointed by the CEO.
  • An understanding of broader community level issues arising from alcohol related harms, possibly represented through an alcohol advocacy group;
  • Technical experts, researchers and/or academics in the area of alcohol harms;
  • An understanding of issues relating to harms caused by alcohol misuse in specific population groups including particular attention to the issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities; and
  • The alcohol industry, to ensure a collaborative and inclusive approach is taken to alcohol policy reform.

The members bring with them a wide range of knowledge and expertise in relation to alcohol.

The members appointed to the committee are listed in the table below.
MemberContributing expertise
Ms Margaret Hamilton - ChairAlcohol research, education and clinical work
Dr Tanya ChikritzhsAlcohol research
Ms Sondra DavorenLegal policy
Dr Steve HambletonPrimary Care
Mr Jim MigroLaw enforcement and alcohol research and education
Professor Rob MoodiePublic health promotion
Ms Louise Sylvan
Ex officio


For enquiries relating to the Expert Committee on Alcohol, please contact the Committee Secretariat by emailing