Harmful alcohol use

National Binge Drinking Strategy

Latest update: 15 February 2013

The National Binge Drinking Strategy (NBDS) aims to address Australia's harmful binge drinking culture, especially among young people. The strategy focuses on raising awareness of the short and long-term impacts of harmful or ‘risky’ drinking among young people, and over time, contribute to the development of a more responsible drinking culture within Australian society.


In March 2008, the Australian Government committed $53.5 million to the NBDS over four years. The 2010-11 Federal Budget included $50 million for three additional elements of the NBDS which comprised of:
  • $25 million over four years for a Community Sponsorship Fund that provides an alternative to alcohol sponsorship for community sporting and cultural organisations
  • $20 million over four years for Community Level Initiatives (CLI) against binge drinking
  • $5 million over four year for the enhancement of Telephone Counselling Helplines and possible extension of the NBDS social marketing campaign
The Agency is managing the implementation of these further expansion measures for the NBDS.

Community Sponsorship Fund

The Community Sponsorship Fund has four objectives:
  • reduce the exposure of young people and children to alcohol imagery and branding
  • reduce the links between alcohol and sporting and cultural activities that young people are often involved in, and to provide support for community-based organisations to educate their members about responsible drinking
  • provide support for community-based organisations to provide alcohol-free environments for minors
  • reduce harmful consumption of alcohol through appropriate responsible service of alcohol provisions at sporting and cultural events.

Through the Community Sponsorship Fund, the Australian Government has provided sponsorships to key sporting organisations which serve as an alternative to alcohol sponsorship. This allows sports to provide environments that are not only free from alcohol promotion, but also actively promote positive, anti-binge drinking messaging.

The sports involved are:
  • Football Federation Australia
  • Basketball Australia
  • Netball Australia
  • Swimming Australia
  • Surfing Australia
  • Cycling Australia
  • Hockey Australia
  • Athletics Australia
  • Skateboarding Australia
  • Volleyball Australia
  • Equestrian Australia
  • Triathlon Australia
  • Australian Canoeing
  • Australian University Sport
  • Australian Baseball League
  • Australian Paralympic Committee

The sport sponsorships reflect the important influence that many Australian sporting heroes have as role models for young Australians, including aspiring young sporting participants.

These sports allow the Australian Government to reach a significant portion of sporting participants in the 15 to 24 age group, with around one million young Australians participating in these sports, and many more involved indirectly through family, community and spectator participation.

Be the Influence logoThe Agency works with these sports to promote the Australian Government’s messaging Be the Influence – Tackling Binge Drinking through the sponsorships.

Be the Influence – Tackling Binge Drinking messaging is active in sporting environments with uniform branding, in-venue advertising, video messaging on screen at events as well as public announcements. The messaging also reaches young Australians through the sporting communications such as newsletters, direct mail emails, and social media.

To further promote this positive message athlete ambassadors are providing credible and positive voices by promoting the Be the Influence – Tackling Binge Drinking messages.

These sponsorship arrangements have been welcomed by these key sports, and they do not affect pourage rights or the licensing, availability and service of alcohol at sporting venues, which are covered by State and Territory Government legislation and include responsible service of alcohol practices.

Visit: www.tacklingbingedrinking.gov.au for more information

Good Sports Program

The Australian Drug Foundation’s Good Sports program is helping more than 5,000 community sporting clubs across Australia to better manage alcohol, making them healthy, safe and more family-friendly environments for their communities. Sporting clubs who sign up to the Good Sports program work through three levels of accreditation, must provide smoke-free environments and develop transport strategies to get people home safely.

The benefits of Good Sports to communities:
  • sporting club committee members have new skills to bring about positive change
  • parents know the sporting club will be safer, healthier and family-friendly
  • players and members have an improved club culture that is more attractive to families, children, volunteers and sponsors
  • communities can expect Good Sports clubs to be a vibrant, healthy hub for the community.
The Good Sports and new Healthy Eating and Healthy Minds program, build healthy, safe and family—friendly community sporting clubs by a reduction in the harmful effects of alcohol and tobacco and increased awareness of the importance of healthy eating and good mental health.

The Australian Government is proud to partner with the Australian Drug Foundation and community sporting clubs across Australia through the Good Sports program so that by 2014 Good Sports will be working with 6,500 community sporting clubs and reach two million Australians.